Meramec Botanical Society (BotSo) and Meramec Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI)

Meramec Botanical Society Mission: “To capture the imagination and fuel the spirit of the campus and local community in all matters of the botanical world.”

The Meramec Botanical Society is an organization which strives to enhance the educational experience of our horticulture students.  We achieve this by engaging students in community events, volunteer opportunities and meaningful field trips. 

Meeting times, volunteer opportunities and field trips will be listed on our Facebook page, through e-mails, on the BotSo message board (outside SW103) and on the calendar below.

The Meramec Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI) is an extension of the Meramec Botanical Society. MUFI provides students the opportunity to learn how to grow their own food.  Students are involved with every aspect of food production such as planning, seeding, plant production, planting, watering, care and harvesting.  Students who volunteer to water and care for the garden may take home what they harvest.  Meetings are listed on our Facebook page, the BotSo message board and on the calendar below.  We typically meet once in the winter, spring and fall.

Club advisor: Carrie Coyne,

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